Unsung Heroines

Dame Frances Caroline Cameron

Dame Frances Caroline Cameron was the wife of Sir Charles Cameron MP. She died on 25 January 1899 at her home in Greenock.There is a small mausoleum for Dame Frances in the Greenock Cemetery where her ashes were interred. Frances  Caroline Macauley was born in Ireland.  In 1869 she married Charles Cameron the son of a […]

Frances Ann Wood

Frances Ann Wood (born 19 March 1773, died 21 May 1856) was the sister of Sir Gabriel Wood.  He had requested that some of his estate be used to build a home for old and sick mariners in his native town of Greenock.  This was not a legally binding memorandum but both his sister and his wife, Dame Louisa, carried out his wishes and […]

Flossie May Govier

Flossie May Govier

Miss Flossie M. Govier was mentioned by the War Office for special services rendered during World War 1.  She served as a nurse in Red Cross and VAD Hospitals in the country.  Flossie worked at the Smithston War Hospital prior to serving at the Northumberland Auxiliary Hospital, Corbridge-on-Tyne.  Her address is given as 3 Mona […]

Elizabeth Taylor Gilchrist

Elizabeth Taylor Gilchrist was born in Greenock on 23 October 1863 to William and Elizabeth Gilchrist.  She was the third child of the couple.  William had a draper’s business in the town and his children became involved in this work.  The business was well known in Greenock and survived until quite recently. However, Elizabeth was a […]