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Inverclyde Libraries in Scotland ran a class from January 2012 to help set up a local history website.  It was established to help research local people and events relating to Inverclyde and also, on a very steep learning curve for the group, to put the material on a website.

After the official class ended some of the class wanted to continue meeting and researching so East End Advisory, a local history and heritage group, agreed to facilitate the website.   Members meet each Friday morning in the Watt Library and all are welcome to join.

People work on areas that interest them – some delving deep into the past while others are more interested in people and events within living memory.  Some of the research is very detailed while some is just a pointer to other sources available.  The site therefore has a very diverse focus but all have an Inverclyde link.

How to navigate this site

On the right hand side of any page you will find some headings listed under the Article Index and if you click on one a further menu will appear; simply click on the name or event that interests you!  If you know exactly what you are looking for, you can also use the search box underneath the articles list. When viewing an article, you may click on any photographs or illustrations to enlarge it to enable you to view it more closely in detail.

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Feedback and article ideas

As this site is for everyone from Inverclyde, the research group are always happy to receive feedback and ideas for further items to go on-line, so if you have some original research about inverclyde’s history and would like to put it on the site let us know via the Contact Us page and we will help you to do this.

Additionally, if you have ideas for people or events that you would like to see featured on the site but haven’t done any research, let us know and we will see if it fits in with the remit and research  it for you.  Some of the Group can also help with some basic local and family history research.

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