The Clyde Pottery, Greenock.

There were two potteries in Greenock in the eighteen hundreds and the early nineteen hundreds.  One was The Clyde Pottery Company which was on a site near Ladyburn Church and the pottery workers’ houses were just to the right of Ladyburn Church.

It was founded in 1816 and closed in 1905.

The other pottery was The Ladyburn Pottery at Garvel Park.  It was founded in 1827.

At one point the two potteries were linked together under John William Shirley (1840’s – 1850’s) but he later let them to Clough and Geddes and they were not again linked together in ownership.

Two local businessmen, merchants of international standing, brothers James and Andrew Muir, were involved with the Greenock Pottery Company until 1841  when they left the Company.The Muir brothers were entrepreneurs of their dayand had a finger in many pies, among them sugar; timber and straw hat manufacturing. Their business interests involved them in projects as far afield as Russia.

(See Local History and Heritage/Russian Connection)

The Muir brothers were born in Greenock . James Muir m