Rev Henry Charles (Harry) and Rev Dr Laurence Arthur Brown Whitley

Henry Charles Whitley (Harry) was born in Edinburgh in 20 March 1906.  He became a minister of the Church of Scotland  serving in several churches, including Newark Parish Church in Port Glasgow.  It was here that he married Elizabeth Young Thom in 1939 and where his son Laurence Arthur Brown was born in 1949.  During the Second World War he served as an army chaplain to the Seaforth Highlanders.  Latterly Harry was called to serve in St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh becoming the Dean of the Thistle from 1969 to 1974.  He was the author of several books.  He died in Dumfrieshire on 8 May 1976.

His son Laurence followed in his footsteps becoming a minister also.  Laurence also served in several parishes including Busby where he met and married Catherine McFadyen. He had 2 children Edward and Hilary who were both born while he was serving in Montrose.  He was called to serve in Glasgow Cathedral 2007 where he became the voice of Glasgow over his years there, receiving the prestigeous Loving Cup in 2014 and an honorary doctorate in 2015.  He retired in 2017 and died on 4 November 2018.