Elizabeth Wood Inglis

Bessie Inglis was known latterly as the “Grand Old Lady” of Port Glasgow.  She was born on 31 January 1854  at Ivybank, Port Glasgow and died on 25 November 1936 at Woodbank, Port Glasgow and buried in Port Glasgow cemetery.  The granddaughter of the Rev Dr Inglis of the United Presbyterian Church (now Princes Street Church) Port Glasgow and the daughter of David and Janet (nee Gilkinson) Inglis.  Her father was a writer and banker in Port Glasgow.

She was very involved and active in the temperance movement and fought to have the number of licenses reduced in the area.  She had made a large map on muslin showing all the licensed premises marked in red and when she was an objector at the court would show the map to strengthen her case.

Her other involvements included organisations focusing on the welfare of others; the Nursing Association, Scotch Girls’ Friendly Society and groups taking an interest in child welfare.  She was a life long member of Princes Street Church.

After her death, her family had a water fountain made in her honour which now stands in Coronation Park, Port Glasgow, prior to it being sited here it was at the top of John Wood Street.